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compilation II (2007-2011)
  Staring at the stranger for a long time | Chengdu, P.R. China 2007
»staring at the stranger for a long time« is an example sentence for the characters 'zhu shi' (to stare at somebody) from 'The Big Chinese-German Dictionary'.

Make No $mall Plans | Montreal, Canada 2008
Griffintown is a historical, but neglected district next to downtown Montreal.
After 40 years of decline the city government is now trying to hand over the whole area to a private developer in a dubious process.
Inspired by the protests of local activists against these plans we have written new lyrics to a melody which comes from the time when the current appearance of Griffintown took shape.

PRECARECY | Montreal 2008
With our portable recycling containers we appear on big public events and confront passers-by with a conceivable model of precarious working conditions.

The PPR* Experience | New-Delhi 2010
*Passenger Propelled Rickshaw
In our PPR, the passenger propelled rickshaw, the hierarchy of passenger/puller is transformed into a temporary collaborative unit where physical power and logistical knowledge are shared to bring things forward.
In the different neighborhoods of New Delhi we engage the passers-by in a breathtaking ride to fuel the dream of a post-oil society.

Alexandra Open | Belfast, Northern Ireland 2009
Alexandra Park is a public park in North Belfast that has a massive fence splitting it in two. This so called 'peaceline' was erected to keep rival gangs of Catholic and Protestant young people from engaging in rioting and fighting.
As there are still incidents, there is no reasonable chance that this barrier between the both communities is going to be removed.

El Oso Verde | Madrid 2011

In those days many saving banks are affected by the financial crisis and depend on public money.
The logo of a big financial institute inspires us to transfer it into a costume similar to those we encounter in the streets of Madrid.
The green bear, to whom many people have trusted their finances, suddenly appears as a precarious walking-act in public space.