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compilation III (2011-2016)
  The Trip to The Hague, Amsterdam-The Hague2016
An approach towards the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). During a bicycle tour to The Hague we sing a song whose lyrics are based on our research about the development and the pros/cons of this legal institution.
Melody and setting are inspired by the movie "Ko to tamo peva", a black comedy about a bus journey to Belgrade just before the bombardment by the German Wehrmacht.

0,000001%, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2016
In order to increase voter participation in the national elections we construct
a vehicle and offer free transportation to the local polling station.
The sun shield consists of the banners of all the parties at choice. In analogy with the number of parties we compose a jingle according to the rules of 12-tone-music.
The activation of 18 'Golputs' (non-voters) corresponds to an increase of the voter turnout by app. 0.000001%.

Smart Songdo Song, South-Korea 2014
Built on privatized land, managed by a single company, finanzed by
multinational investors: Cities are becoming a market-oriented product,
traded like a commodity.
Nevertheless, individuals find smart ways to deal with those concrete real(i)ties.
In New Songdo City, one of South Korea´s Free Economic Zones, we reflect on
this development along a settled hard rock melody.

Occassional Traffic, Stuttgart 2011
For the realisation of 'Stuttgart 21', a railway and real estate project, the central bus station was forced to the outskirts of the city.
This temporary solution located on a former parking lot marks the marginalisation of bus travel on a geographical level.
Whereas the hugely criticised plans for 'Stuttgart 21' promote the promise of increased internationality, the long-distance bus station already successfully fulfills these expectations. 

STOP PPP!, Innsbruck 2011
PPP, 'Private Public Partnership' is a disputed co-operation model through which public authorities confer the prefunding and execution of tasks to private companies and investors.
Within such a PPP a building emerged which holds an academic high school and a shopping centre at the same time. Just after school finishes we are driving in front of the building to sing our song 'STOP PPP !'.