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compilation I
(1997-2007)  7´30´´
  don´t hurt me | Stuttgart 2000
In a bower specially built for this occasion we cover a technopop song.

The Discounter-Carousel | Bochum 2005
The location of this intervention is a car park that is surrounded by five discounters.
We connect the trollies of the supermarkets to a construction that we have brought with us.
They are equipped with cushions made from plastic bags of the single discounters. The latest leaflets are used as pennants. Pushing the trollies keeps the carousel running. Along a monotone melody, coming from the car speaker, the following sentences are repeated:
»The discounter-carousel is moving.«
»The discounter-carousel makes you move.«

But the customers like it! | Stgt/Rotterdam 2006
With a tape recorder and the videocamera attached to the trolly we enter the discounter and rap until the manager stops us. See full text here.

3rabiet elsa3ada | Cairo, Egypt 2003
With our "3rabiet elsa3ada", the happy car, we built according to Egyptian pick up design, we drive into different parts of Cairo and ask people for a sentence beginning with the words:
»I am happy because...«.
In collaboration with Marwa Zakaria and the Goethe Institute Cairo.

Doored in Downtown | Stuttgart 2004
Our song describes the collision of parallel worlds, demonstrated with the notion of "dooring": the misfortune of an opening car door in the way of cyclists.

Metro México | Mexico-City 2003

In the metro we often see itinerant traders, who loudly offer goods of daily need.
In order to give this situation a different meaning, we try to reverse the way of the money from the passenger to the "ambulante".

Medicare | Lijiang, P.R. China 2007
Along the roads around a village we find old medicine boxes.
From the names of the medicaments we write a song and perform it in different pharmacies of Lijiang.

Jin Bi Lu | Kunming, P.R. China 1997

In the city of Kunming, Southchina, we observe hundreds of families moving out of their homes located in lively old town areas, which were afterwards destroyed.
"Gold-Jade-Avenue" (Jin Bi Lu) runs through the demolition area.
About its disappearance we write a new chinese text, accompanied by the melody of "Xin Tai Ruan", the most popular song in these days and sing it on a tricycle, that drives us along this avenue while it had been destroyed.