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     Re: Development / Re: Considered      Oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany 2009
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Not long after arriving in Montreal we found ourselves taking part in a funeral procession that carried the coffin of "Griffintown" to the City Hall forecourt.

The symbolic funeral of an historical neighborhood - this is where the industrial revolution in North America had its beginnings - was the local reaction to plans by the municipal government for the conveyance of this area to a private investor.

Minimal internet research on the background of the protest made it obvious that this process of conveyance undermined the local standards defined by the municipal government itself and that the interests of the developers were being placed before those of the general public.

Re: Development / Re: Considered shows our research and reactions regarding the redevelopment of "Griffintown", which in the space of 6 months changed us from being neutral observers to dedicated sympathizers of the Montreal activists.


anflug oberwelt
Approaching Montreal / Landing

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