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     SixMonthsMex     Künstlerhaus Stuttgart 2004
Videos and models of own works, documentations of envents we went to see
and of different artspaces, as well as reconstructed situations of daily life in Mexico-City.

The form of representation corresponds to the stalls of hawkers.

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Model of the exhibition
at Ex-Teresa Arte Actual
featuring muca roma
and epicentro
     Entre dos luces     Ex-Teresa Arte Actual   Mexiko-Stadt 2004
The artspace "Ex Teresa" is situated in a secularized
baroque church, which leans heavily sideways due to
the uneven subsoil.

We connect two exhibition rooms lying on different
levels due to this unevenness with a mobile ramp of
ten metres length.

The lighting of the rooms is linked to the ramp:
In the moment of stepping onto it, the light slowly
merges from one room into the other.
Video Car drivers in Mexico-City are used to street
traders offering goods and services at traffic lights.
For the course of one whole day we present a green
sign to them during every red phase. 
Photo Through the large window of the room where
we watch performance-videos a man can be seen who
paints a niche, that has been coated black for the last

Nearly floating on a scaffold he balances
the roll on its long stick from the bucket on

the floor up into the remotest corner of the

Illuminated by two spots he helps his own
shadow to become visible by laying on the
white colour. Mexico-Stadt_Verkehr