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     Max.      'Art at Klett-Passage' Stuttgart, Germany 2014

In the interchange below the Stuttgart main railway station we fill up
an exhibition cube to its weight-limit with excavation material from the
'Stuttgart 21' tunnel bore.

'Stuttgart 21' is a giant and highly controversial transportation and real 
estate project that is going to leave the city with 60 km of new tunnels. 

Aside the mound a quote from Kafka´s 'The Giant Mole'. 

Throughout literature and philosophy the mole is depicted i.a. as a symbol
of undermining the social order (W. Shakespeare) or as the impersonator
of the revolution itself (K. Marx). 
In 'The World as Will and Representation' A. Schopenhauer describes the 
life of this animal as "a business, the proceeds of which are very far from 
covering the cost of it".

Furthermore, a stylized mole named Max is the mascot of 'Stuttgart 21'
main player Deutsche Bahn.