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     This is what winners look like!      3rd Biennial of Bosnia and Herzegovina D-0 ARK, Konjic 2015
taz block

The 3rd Project Biennial of Contemporary Art takes place in the atomic shelter of
former Yugoslav president J.B. Tito and focusses on the development of civil society
and alternative movements during the period of Cold War. 

In one of the rooms we store a block of newspaper issues of 'taz – die tageszeitung'
since its founding in 1979, accompanied by a framed cover page.

The taz emerged from the leftist and alternative movements of the nineteen seventies.
It has contributed substantially to the fact that the concerns of groups such as the
anti-nuclear movement have found a trans-regional forum and have slowly merged into
the mainstream.

This is what winners look like! Together with a historical photo, this was the lead of
the issue on the occasion of Germany’s second and to date irrevocable nuclear phase-out
in 2011. This event marks the successful end of a long and often hopeless struggle
against politics that knew how to enforce the nuclear state by all available means.
The persons depicted are participants of a sit-in in Wackersdorf, Bavaria, in 1985. 

As a permanent loan this private archive visualizes the struggles, setbacks and
achievements of more than 30 years of civil society movements.

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