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    The PPR* Experience     New-Delhi, India 2010
Video 5´45´´

In the passenger propelled rickshaw (PPR) the hierarchy of passenger/driver
is transformed into a temporary collaborative unit. Physical power and logistical
knowledge are shared to move things forward.

As the driver's pedals are locked in place, constant communication with the
passengers, who propel the vehicle, is essential.

In numerous New Delhi neighbourhoods, we encouraged passers-by to take a
breathtaking ride to fuel the dream of a post-oil society.

Designed, manufactured and operated at KHOJ New-Delhi during:
"In Context: Public.Art.Ecology"
Solar panel and monitor fixed to the PPR ppr
ppr montreal

Self-powered presentation unit.

Square St. Louis, Montréal

generator bike

Square St. Louis, Montréal


When the button 'view video carbon neutrally' is pressed a loud bell rings.

A member of the exhibition staff then produces the energy required to power the documentation video.

ifa gallery Stuttgart/Berlin