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   TO THE CORE - a concrete remark   Santiniketan, Inidia 2012
tagore to the core
fences in santiniketan
prantik houses
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In 1901 the university town of Santiniketan was founded by the poet and Nobel laureat Rabindranath Tagore
in order to develop the doctrines and its built environment according to his ideas of openness and
mutual influence.

Nowadays his fame and achievements attract the masses as well as the money to Santiniketan.
In its surroundings fences from concrete pillars and barbed wire parcel out the former farming land
for real estate development.

Are the ideas of Tagore getting corrupted by their own success?

A recently fenced plot is the site of our intervention. With letters designed according to the concrete
pillars we write the poets´ name and substitute the R by the currency sign for the Indian rupee.

dimensions: 5 1/2 ft x 33 ft
location: 23°41'48.55"N 87°40'46.25"E (copypaste at