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     Occassional Traffic     Stuttgart 2011
stills winkler koeperl

Occasional Traffic

After the protest-breakfast we just thought:
A little outing would be nice
Let´s cycle towards the edge of town
We didn´t have to think about it twice

We rode for a while along the riverside
Where access for swimming is denied
Until we reached the zone where factories sprawl

There were some signs that caught our eye
Bearing various city names
And then we realized that we had found:
The central bus-compound!

From here a bus departs to Pécs
From here a bus departs to Iași
A bus from Sarajevo arrives, on time as planned

From here a bus departs to Lille
From here a bus departs to Niș
The heart of Europe lies behind the Daimler plant

Big busses constantly arrived
Many people asked us where to catch the train
And if this place was Stuttgart afterall
But all their searching for the station was in vain

There was neither Taxi nor telephone
Just containers for the tickets and a parking zone
A place that makes us want to go away

Maybe we should go and see
Szcecin or Ossjek spontaneously
Or take the bus that goes further abroad:
To Kaliningrad

Here a bus leaves for Rotterdam
Here a bus leaves for București
A bus to Katowice´s shifting into gear

Here a bus leaves for Perpignan
Here a bus leaves for Budapest
The heart of Europe seems to be this wasteland here

We lined up in the ticket queue
The ticket agent sounded blue
He claimed to be the first victim of 'S21'

We got a mobile phone alert
That we almost overheard

The agent asked: Where would you like to go?
The display read: 6pm Monday-Demonstration at Central Station

A bus goes to Sankt-Petersburg
A bus goes to Novi Pazar
To Casarano, Bijeljina, Čapljina

It goes to Strzelce Opolskie,
To Barcelona, to Bihać
To Druskininkai, Brno, Pula and to Minsk,

To Osijek, Kołobrzeg, Lyon,
To Kielce, Kraków, Elbląg, Tczew,
Tarnowskie Góry, Tallinn, Rīga, Split and Słupsk

Duga Poljana, İstanbul,
Sevilla, Harkány, Neum
Thessaloniki, Skopje, London, Losnica

Lviv, Vukovar, Paris
Gdynia, Giżycko, Gdańsk
Županja, Varaždin, Lisboa, Lecce, Wien...

Text: Winkler / Köperl

For the realisation of 'Stuttgart 21',
a railway and real estate project,
the central bus station was forced
to the outskirts of the city.

This temporary solution located on
a former parking lot marks the
marginalisation of bus travel on a
geographical level.

Whereas the hugely criticised plans
for 'Stuttgart 21' promote the promise
of increased internationality, the
long-distance bus station already
successfully fulfills these expectations. 

music-video 5´

*Protest breakfast
Regular sit-in demonstrations against 'Stuttgart 21' in fro'nt of the building site
entrance. These begin with a shared breakfast at 6am. Usually they are broken
up when the activists are physically removed by the police. Meanwhile, legal
actions against over 1000 activists are pending.

*Heart of Europe
This references the 'Stuttgart 21' slogan (The new heart of Europe).

Abbreviation for 'Stuttgart 21'. The historic railhead station in the centre of the
city is to be converted into an underground through-station and the redundant
track areas are to be commercialised.
Since planning began in the late 80s, 'Stuttgart 21' has consistently been
criticised and opposed by large groups of the population. This is due to extremely
high costs and construction risks involved, despite proven studies that rail services
will deteriorate.

*Monday Demonstrations
Weekly demonstrations against 'Stuttgart 21'. On 25th July 2011, the 84th Monday
Demonstration against 'Stuttgart 21' took place.

*The Song
The melody is borrowed from a German hit from the 80s. It describes the desire
to break out of everyday life and find true freedom in far away places – all the
destinations in the song are in the USA.