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     Autoportrait of three artists after talking until dawn     Goethe Institute Kairo, Egypt 2004

Collaborative project with Mahmoud Khaled
in the Goethe Institute´s series "Dar el-Hiwar".

Introductory text of the exhibition

During several nights the artists Mahmoud Khaled, Stephan Köperl
and Sylvia Winkler met in different locations for talking about
various issues. The first light of dawn signified the end of each
conversation and the moment for taking a photo of themselves at
the beginning of a new day.

The hours between midnight and dawn, this constant period of
darkness, did not only seem to be attractive for them because of
the minimum of disturbance from outside, but also because of the
floating states of attentiveness and concentration along their

Choosing a different location for each night reflects on the tempo-
rary nature of their residency in the city and gives an individual
background to the topics of their talk which developed on the spot.

Text by Aleya Hamsa

2.00 - 7.00am 20th of September 2004
Hotel Tulip, Talaat Harb

"Self-representation of the artist and his/her role in the institution"

1.00 - 7.00am 22nd of September 2004
Houseboat 30 El-Nil St., Kitkatt

"The body´s physical and social limits and the cyberspace"
0.00 - 7.00am 25th of September 2004
Goethe-Institute 5, El-Bustan St.

"The concept and its modification in the process of realisation"

2.00 - 7.00am 26th of September 2004
Hotel Nil Cairo 11, Ramses St.

"The relationship between artwork, curating strategies and geographical contexts"

00.30 - 7.00am 27nd of September 2004
Anglo-Swiss Hotel 14, Champollion St.

"Photography as a medium and the aesthetic of documentation"
01.30 - 7.00am 28th of September 2004
House of the Swiss artists Geziret Yakoub

"Distribution channels and the artwork´s limits to be distributed"
00.30 - 6.30am 29th of September 2004
Goethe-Institute Dokki 17, Husein Wasif St.

"Different ways of participation through art and through the media"
02.30 - 6.30am 30th of September 2004
Mashrabia Gallery 8, Champollion St.

"The body´s independency of time and its limitation through social bounds"