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The role of the artist in the flow of the city´s image transformation   Pier 2 Art-Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2015

Imagebuilding Installation zettel

Based on our situation as artists-in-residence in a gentrified harbor area we scrutinize the role
of artists and the expectations placed upon them in the transformation process from the
post-industrial- to the 'creative city'.

Visitors can pick a paper with the conclusion of our research from the roof-beam of the exhibition hall:

'Artists matter a great deal in today´s economy - though not primarily as producers of art.'
Richard Lloyd

The scaffold leading up to the roof construction holds our diagram that depicts the utilization of artistic practice through representatives of politics and business as well as the resulting social, urban and
economic impacts.

On a monitor attached to the scaffold, two videos are on display:

Video 1:
Our new text on the promotion song of the city of Kaohsiung.

Video 2:
'The artists as... '
In an act of overaffirmation we stage a (modified) classical studio-situation for the visitors of the art-center passing randomly by.
The texts read by the male model are summarized in diagrams by the female artist.

We love to stay in here
Nearby the town, next to the pier
Everything´s fine from top to toe
In our warehouse studio

We love to work in here
For making art truly sincere
Amidst nice shops and fancy bars
Touristy leisure areas

We´re artists we have fun
We´re posing questions like the one:
What is the purpose of our stay?
What is to be done?

We love to stay in here
Nearby the town, next to the pier
Producing symbols for a space
Creating meaning for the place

Oh yes we love to scrutinize
We passionately criticize
Art to become investor´s mule
Global capitalism´s tool

As artists we reclaim
Art does not have to entertain
Stop the valorization strategy game

Lyrics: Winkler/Köperl 2015