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Towards The Hague  Amsterdam / The Hague 2016
Accordeon towards The Hague court First step is done1on the journey2
Back in the year 1993
Resolution 8273
Adopted unanimously4

Despite strong wind5, against all odds6
Poorly financed7,8 understaffed9
Almost everything at stake10,11
Moving gradually forward12,13,14
To the city of The Hague15
The Hague joj

ICTY dot ORG17
Set up18 to prosecute crimes against humanity19
Render justice to the victims20,21
Guarantee accountability22,23
Personal accountability24,25

Defendants26 faced by witnesses27,28
Atrocities29 by evidence30,31,32
Lawlessness33,34 opposed by statute36
Unveiling historic facts36,37,38,39,40,41
Record proof beyond dispute42
Dispute joj

Small fry-big fish, who gets off scot-free?43,44,45,46
Is it unbiased - which all sides doubt?47,48,49,50
Do politics encroach?51,52,53
The voice of critique is still loud54,55,56

Visiting the current session57
Having bag and passport checked58
Interpreters voice sounds mellow59
The complexity is overwhelming60
Quest for truth does not come shallow61,62
Shall it though?

What will be next on the journey63,64
In bringing to an end the culture impunity65,66,67
Let´s continue on this road68
Leading to the ICC69

Lyrics: Sylvia Winkler / Stephan Köperl70

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An approach towards the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). During a bicycle tour to The Hague we sing a song whose lyrics are based on our research about the development and the pros/cons of this legal institution.

Melody and setting are inspired by the movie 'Ko to tamo peva', a black comedy about a bus journey to Belgrade just before the air raid by the German Wehrmacht.

Video 4´48´´